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Troubleshooting with Kami Cameras

You are facing issues setting up, connecting or managing your Kami device? We are more than happy to help you. Please first check the following list. Most of issues can be fixed this way. If this is not helping our Customer Support will take care of you. Just contact them per email or phone as below.  


Step #1 - Please check this list of commonly reported issues

  1. Make preliminarily sure that the wifi network from which you will pair your camera is 2.4 Ghz (5 Ghz band not currently supported).
    • The password of your wifi network must not:
    • contain any special character;
    • exceed 40 digits.
  1. Always use the dedicated Kami Home app (available for both Android and iOS) to pair and manage your camera
  1. Before starting the pairing process please:
    • make sure that your phone is connected to the wifi and not in roaming mode;
    • enable the "Location" function of your phone / make sure it is enabled;
    • authorize the "Location" function of the YI Home app on your phone / make sure it is enabled.
  1. During the pairing process, place the camera as close as possible to the router (it can be moved further away later)
  1. Once the pairing process has been successfully completed, you will hear the voice prompt “Pairing is successful. You can start using your camera now "both from the camera and from your phone. Now you can start using the camera.
  1. Avoid placing the camera near to:
    • glasses (the camera may mistakenly detect its reflection as movement);
    • heat sources such as radiators or ovens. 
  1. The camera supports Kami Cloud storage, with a free and unlimited basic plan: for each activity detected, a 6-second video will be accessible for 7 days from the YI Home app (convenient subscription plans available for longer storage times)
  1. Some cameras also supports local storage via micro SD card (sold separately). On this concern, we recommend to use high-speed 8-64 GB Class 10 U3 micro SD cards from the best brands



Step #2 If your issue is not solved, please contact our Customer Support:


UK Toll FREE Number +44 (0) 808 281 2452
Mon-Sat 4:00PM - 1:00AM (GMT)
Kami Technical Support: 1-844-878-1584
Mon-Sat 8:00AM - 5:00PM (PST)