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The Ultimate AI Camera

Previously, consumers could either invest in a high-end, professional camera designed for professional use or invest in a camera they can use as a home security camera on fifties-model consumer cameras. However, with the smart home’s rise and the slow but steady rollout of smart home cameras, the current trend is smarter home cameras.
The tech isn’t exactly new and none of the smart home cameras we’re examining come entirely from major companies such as Amazon or Samsung. However, the camera sensors inside are packed with technology designed to improve image quality. Smart cameras, which come at different sizes and prices, all met with consumer buzz.

Most smart cameras have more features and capabilities than single-purpose cameras. You may not have the budget for a state-of-the-art camera, but smart cameras can be the right choice for you. From facial recognition to 3D video, these cameras have plenty of functions. There’s no reason you couldn’t get all of these features; smart cameras are reasonably priced if you’re concerned about budget. Read on to our comparison matrix to learn about the different features and what makes each one great


As you can see, the Kami Mini packs a significant punch! Complete with essential features such as face detection, human detection, smart activity zones, and two-way audio, it truly is the perfect smart camera for the novice user to the more technologically advanced. Setting up this camera is incredibly easy. Download the Kami Home App, follow the pairing instructions, and you’re set to go! With the Kami Mini, peace of mind is just a tap away. Purchase yours today!

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