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New Kami Home App launched

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After 2 month of heavy QA we now pushed the button and released the new Kami Home app. If not done yet, just launch your Kami Home App as usual and it will update automatically. Alternatively you can download it right here:


App Store - Download Kami Home Security Camera App


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The new Kami Home App brings a whole optimized user experience, makes it yet easier to monitor what's going on at your home and will make your setup process of new devices as easy as drinking a Tea! Moreover, checking or searching for videos in the Kami cloud has never been that easy with the new Kami Home app. 

Check it out and let us know if you feel as excited as we are and all the users that gave these great rating:


Kami Home App rating - Google Play - March 2020


Kami Home App Rating - Apple App Store - March 2020


And no worries if you are using a YI Technology camera, just login with your email / password and install your cameras. All YI devices are 100% compliant with the Kami Home security ecosystem.


Customer comments

  • Tillmann (Kami)

    Hi Chris, thanks for this update and great to hear we could fix the issue with the last app release.

    Feel free to check out our User Forum and our Troubleshooting page below in case you are facing any further issues with your Kami device!

  • Chris

    I was having a lot of issues where the Kami camera kept going offline randomly, however the updated app has corrected this, so far.

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