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Keep an eye on your parents

Smart-home cameras are used to keep an eye on the ones we care about most. You're in the kitchen and can keep a watchful eye on the kids playing in the garden, or you’re on your way after a long day at work and want to be reassured that your dog is safe and sound, sleeping on the sofa.

But what about the elderly? It’s important to give them a call, connect with them, and make sure everything is ok from time to time. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily check-in on our elders directly from your smartphone and instantly see everything is all right? It’s a modern and efficient way to show your elder parents, that even with today’s busy lifestyle, you still care.


That’s why we designed the Kami Indoor Camera! Thanks to its AI-driven features like motion detection, auto-cruise tracking, and two-way audio. It’s a real all-round, no compromises smart-home camera. See it in action below!


What would you use a smart-home camera for? Check on your pets, parents or children? Do you think smart-home solutions can be useful for the disabled? Leave a comment below!

By the way, we wanted to let you know about this interesting Smart Home for assisted Living Event, that’s happening later this year.

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