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Kami’s launching mini camera with face recognition

While the European launch of the battery powered Kami Outdoor Battery Camera is right around the corner. Our production team is working hard to bring our highly affordable smart-home Kami Mini Camera to Europe.

Thanks to our brand new chip QG2101A AI IoT by Senslab, the Kami Mini Camera utilities Artificial Intelligence to detect human motion at up to 20 FPS (frames per second), meaning the Kami Mini Camera can capture a person even if they are running and differentiate it from other kinds of motion.

It also includes the following smart and truly helpful features:

  • Baby-Crying Detection
  • Activity Zone Placement
  • Schedulable Activity Notifications
  • Free Basic Kami Cloud Plan
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa

The Kami Mini Camera also boasts an expanded local storage capacity, this camera supports Micro SD cards up to 128gb.

Bring strong AI features like human detection featuring face detection into your home. Thanks to the reduced false alerts, you will know for sure that you will only receive relevant alerts.

All Kami cameras are 100% compatible with Amazon Alexa and we are working on bringing Google Assistant support to our cameras very soon!

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