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Kami Indoor review

We do love Good Housekeeping magazine for it's cute and fresh style and the somehow unexpected tone of voice. Thus we are more than happy them having reviewed one of our new cameras: the Kami Indoor!

Kami Indoor shot by GoodHoiuskeeping

While we know Kami Indoor has such a wide range of use cases such as babies, pets, interaction with your family when you are at work late... Good house keeping brought the key benefits of this 360° indoor camera to the point:

"This security camera follows and detects any motion. The recorded footage is saved from the camera to a secure area online for up to seven days, free of charge. It has a privacy shutter, which ensures the camera won't record any footage when everyone's at home. It's also wired and not weatherproof, so it's not suitable for use outdoors."

 Read the full article on GoodHousekeeping.com/uk/

Customer comments

  • JohnBo

    This privacy feature is really great. I mean all these connected devices are in our homes so the more we are able to control the better it is.

  • Kate82

    So sweet.

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