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Outdoor Security Camera presented by Dave

We really do love Dave's Gadget Live Stream and in particular this Kami Outdoor Security Camera presentation. He is having a straight forward look into a lot aspects and features of the camera namely the product build, cables and of cause day and night video capabilities:



He is also picking out one very important point which we heard now several times: the USB cable cannot be unplugged. Yes, it is of cause more convenient if you can remove it and change it or just plug your own maybe 5m USB cable... however, we would not have been able to get IP65 weather and dust resistance for this product with a removable USB cable at this price range (£64,99). 

Also we think in terms of security it is not a good option to allow outdoor camera cables to be unplugged easily.

What is actually your opinion about this? Are you like Dave, shall we check for a solution to be able to unplug the cable? 



Customer comments

  • Chris Byrne

    Bought an outdoor cam about two years ago to keep an eye on the building site I ran when not there. So impressed I bought two more for the front and back of my home and my work have them on every building site we are on. Also have recommended to all of my mates most of whom now have on their homes. Keep up the good work guys 👍👍👍

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