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Cutting edge: KamiBaby Camera

Yet another magazine we love (Digitaltrends.com) had a closer look on one of our most innovative products. Not just any cameras of our portfolio, the KamiBaby Camera we crowdfunded 2 month ago and that is now under production.

So what is actually a breathing magnifier? It looks a little like a baby camera... well it also looks a little like a home loudspeaker...

Here the definition Digital Trends is giving:

Baby monitors give parents an easy way to check in on their children to find out if they’re sleeping or awake... KamiBaby uses image processing to detect and magnify your baby’s breathing movements without requiring additional accessories. In addition, it can also monitor other data points like humidity and temperature, detect when the baby cries, has the capacity for two-way audio, and allows you to share the livestream with others.

Her you with the full article.

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